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Headlight Aimer - American Aimer Vision 100
Model: AMA82005

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Precision laser positioning, high technology photometric analysis, and computer-quick calculations make the Vision 100 one of the most accurate headlamp aiming devices available. The precise accuracy of laser technology is used to determine the vehicles centerline.

Computer image processing technology forms the basis for the Vision 100. It analyzes the light pattern as it would appear on the roadway ahead of the vehicle. Upon positioning the Vision 100 in front of the headlamp, the headlamp low beam is analyzed and with simple directional arrows the user is directed to adjust the headlamp until a graphic X on a digital display shows that perfect aim has been achieved. Aiming pads or adapters are no longer a necessity.

Design and Features:

  • Meets SAE J-600 standard
  • Will accurately aim all North American lamps, standard, LED, VO, or aerodynamic, large or small, with or without aiming pads, and even fog lights.
  • Easy to use - 1. Turn on unit 2. Align the aimer to the vehicle 3. Align the aimer to the headlamp 4. Aim the headlamp
  • Completely portable - uses rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries
  • Viewing port - lets the operator see the lamp patterns
  • Floor slope adjustments - a floor transom is provided to determine floor slope. The stand can quickly be adjusted to compensate for any slope
  • Track included - lets operator move from side to side with ease


  • HOP82057 Dust Cover

Replacement Parts:

  • HOP4-820-58 Battery Charger


  • One year against defects in material and workmanship.


American Aimers

Tool Requirements

Tool Number AMA82005
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To AMA82002
Tool Class Workshop General Equipment (Can Be Locally Sourced)
VW US Requirement Optional
VW US Auto Ship Number
AUDI US Requirement Optional
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Optional
AUDI Canada Requirement Optional

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