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TC37 Center Clamp Tire Changer, Black

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The TC37 builds on the powerful legacy of the TC3700 that goes back to the original ground-breaking TC350. Yet the TC37 is not a mere update. It is a complete ground-up redesign which builds on the strengths of its legacy but uses a brand new, modern platform.


  • Bead press arm assists mounting difficult assemblies.
  • Traditional mount head- polymer construction prevents damage to tire and rim. Vertical locking head protects wheel face.
  • Motor and drive - 0-14 rpm variable clockwise speed, 7 rpm counter-clockwise speed. 867 ft-lbs. of torque.
  • Blast inflation directs bursts of compressed air to easily seat the bead
  • Simple operation single pendant control - all controls at fingertips
  • Split bead roller system
    • Match-mounting made easy 
    • Easy bottom bead demounting with roller
    • Direct indention eases bead braking on all tires
  • Intuitive center-clamp system offers three height positions. Cam action multiplies clamping force.


Call Hunter Customer Service at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

Product Specifications

  • Power requirements:   208-230V, 15A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
  • Air supply requirements:  115-145 psi (8-10 bar)
  • Shipping weight:  725 lbs (329 kg)
  • Width:  40" (1,016 mm)
  • Height:  72" (1,829 mm)
  • Depth: 57" (1,448 mm)
  • Mount / Demount tool:  Polymer Mount Head
  • Clamping type:  Center w/ Quick Clamp and Cam Plate
  • Bead loosening type:  Rollers or Shovel (optional)
  • Match mounting capable:  Yes
  • Adjustable clamping height:  Yes
  • Rim diameter range:  10-26"
  • Maximum tire diameter:  46"
  • Maximum wheel width:  19"
  • Drive:  Variable CW 15 rpm CCW

Tool Requirements

Tool Number HUNTC37BLK
Availability Available
Superseded To
Tool Class Tire Changers
VW US Requirement Minimum
VW US Auto Ship Number
AUDI US Requirement Minimum
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Minimum
AUDI Canada Requirement Minimum
VW MRT Quantity 1
AUDI MRT Quantity 1

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