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Headlight Adjusting Unit
Model: VAS621001
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Headlight adjusting unit with guide rails.  Installation is provided by MAHA USA Technical Support.


  • Electronic checking and assessment of headlight setting
  • Suitable also for the Dynamic Light Assist and Matrix Beam lighting systems
  • The measured values are digitized by the "High Dynamic Range" CMOS camera, processed and displayed on the 7" touchscreen by the equipment's own control electronics
  • The LED scale located on the front of the equipment makes light work of adjustment
  • Consideration is given to various country-specific requirements (e.g. left and right-hand traffic)
  • Documentation of headlight pattern and appraisal analysis via Bluetooth interface to PC
  • Can be used as additional test instrument module in dialogue reception equipment VAS 5000
  • Sturdy design with rotating mirror and integrated line laser for aligning the unit precisely to the vehicle
  • Automatic locking device (height) for measuring housing on aluminum pillar
  • Large Fresnel lens
  • 7" color touchscreen with user-friendly menu guidance and display of measured values
  • Download and installation of software enhancements for future headlight systems can be performed easily by the user

The guide rails are an absolute prerequisite for this headlight adjusting unit (either underfloor or floor level) and must be ordered in addition.
The product has been technically revised. The previous product VAS 5209B can be retrofitted and used further.
For advice, e.g. about the type of assembly and length of guide rails, contact your service region or the manufacturer.

Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum width of measurement bay: 140”
  • Minimum depth of measurement bay: Length of vehicle plus 70”
  • Power requirements: One outlet, 120VAC, single phase
  • Maximum unevenness of testing bay floor: +/- 0.5mm/m
  • Temperature range: 40*F to 105*F
  • Relative humidity range: 20% - 80%
  • Distance of MLT lens to headlight: 4” to 20”

Technical data:
Areas of use: Types of headlight that can be checked: Bilux, halogen, XENON and LED, laser (pending)
Measuring range, upper:

  • 0 - 800 mm / 10 m (0 - 8 %) hotspot
  • 0 - 300 mm / 10 m (0 - 3 %) bend angle
  • Lower: 0 - 700 mm / 10 m (0 - 7 %)
  • Left: 0 - 1000 mm / 10 m (0 - 10 %)
  • Right: 0 - 1000 mm / 10 m (0 - 10 %)
  • Height of light's centre: 240 - 1500 mm
  • Measuring distance: 100 - 500 mm
  • Intensity: Luminosity 0 - 125,000 cd (candela)
  • Lighting output: 0 - 200 lx (Lux)
  • Working range: Temperature: +5°C - +40°C
  • Relative air humidity: 20 - 80 %
  • Power supply: 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz AC / 24V DC

Items supplied:

  • Rail-mounted headlight adjusting unit with precision guide pillar
  • Rotating mirror with integrated line laser for precise alignment of equipment on vehicle
  • PC-Bluetooth module for transferring measured values to PC
  • LED scale on front of equipment as setting aid
  • Induction training (within Germany)

24 months


For USA Technical Support and Parts please call (866) 518-4537

For Canada:
Hotline : 1-877-219-4488
Service (Québec): 514-250-3506
Ontario and Western Canada : 416-522-2425

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Tool Number VAS621001
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AUDI US Auto Ship Number AT-450 Canada
AUDI US Auto Ship Date 10/01/2021
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