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Brake Test Stand
Model: VAG1850A
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Brake test stand V.A.G 1850A enables all vehicles of the VW Group with single axle drive to be tested with the option of also testing four-wheel drive vehicles up to 4 t axle load. The test stand complies with the legislative requirements and can be used for brake tests in accordance with § 219 and 41 of StVZO (German road traffic and licensing agency). The regulations of the trade organization with regards to health and safety and accident prevention are met (GS test stamp).
As an option, rollers with a larger track width and higher load rating are available.

Design and features:
The use of LON technology simplifies gradual expansion of the test stand to create a dialog reception station VAS 5000.
In this instance, all of the test data are communicated via one data stream to the LON bus.
The individual test instruments supply usable measured values that are processed in the display unit. Terminals can be setup on this basis at which work can be carried out irrespective of what is happening at the test instruments (e.g. customer service, vehicle receipt and inspection, preparations, corrective measures to customer data and vehicle data).
- Program control by LON circuit board
- Network nodes for LON
- Electronic start-up monitoring and drive-off aid
- Automatic delayed activation once vehicle has been driven onto test stand
- Automatic slip deactivation with pointer stop and automatic restart
- Automatic deactivation once vehicle has exited test stand
- Individual wheel control
- Electronic DMS measuring system
- Lockable master switch
- RS 232 interface connection for printer and PC
- Self-supporting, sealed roller unit
- Welded roller surface or plastic surface as an option

Technical data:
Axle load 3.5 t to 5t
Drive output 2 x 3 kW
Max. track 2200 mm
Min. track 800 mm
Roller diameter 202 mm
Roller spacing 400 mm
Braking value indicator, analogue 0-8 kN
Test speed 5 km/h

Automatic delayed activation, deactivation if slip reaches 25%
Automatic deactivation once vehicle exits test stand
Master switch
Start-up monitoring
Drive-off aid
Welded steel rollers / plastic coating
Difference indicator, analogue 0-70 %

Recommended accessories:
Base for display case
Wall attachment, swivel-mounted
Switchable direction of rotation and measuring direction
Removable roller cover
Folding roller cover
Remote control and pedal force gage
IR remote control
Data printer
Four-wheel drive control set
Four-wheel drive recognition with automatic reverse roller direction
Various accessories available directly from manufacturer.

Reverse direction of rotation of half of roller set:
Advanced vehicle technology and further development of the brake test stand make it possible for the service brakes on four-wheel drive vehicles with viscous/ BorgWarner coupling to be checked on the test stand with counter-rotation with the ignition switched off, e.g. Volkswagen Touareg.
Using this method on the new V.A.G 1850A means there is no transfer of the braking forces to the drive train. It is technically possible to check the service brakes in the correct manner. When doing so, attention should be focused on damage to the lines, calipers, etc.
MAHA four-wheel drive control set:
With the aid of this option, it is possible to check all passenger vehicles with four-wheel drive, which means all vehicles with fixed drive. Furthermore, it is also possible in the process to check the effect of anti-slip control and the differential lock.

Please note:
The contact person for the German retail market is the sales/distribution center responsible.

24 months

MAHA Haldenwang

ASE 424 100 00 000


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