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Brake Charger/Bleeder Unit
Model: VAS5234
Superseded To:



The brake filling and bleeding equipment VAS 5234 serves mainly as a means of professionally renewing used brake fluid in ABS and conventional braking systems. By initially extracting the oil from the brake fluid reservoir in the vehicle, the amount to be exchanged can be reduced in some vehicles from 2 to 1 liters. (Please refer to Workshop Manual!) The air pressure operated unit fills the brake system with fluid direct from 30 ltr. or 60 ltr. non-refillable drums. Thus decanting is no longer necessary and refuse is reduced. The equipment is mobile and can be steered. It is designed well for use in the workshop and allows simple, user-friendly operation.

Design and features:
- Self-check and bleeding via sight-glass. Bleeding of the unit is carried out before and after every rinse cycle by simply connecting the drip-free filling hose coupling. The mechanic can control the process by viewing the sight-glass mounted externally.
- Automatic cut-off and acoustic signal when drum is empty. A signal instructs the mechanic to close the bleed hose to the vehicle. The vehicle can remain on the raised hoist while a new brake fluid drum is installed. The work procedure can then be continued immediately. The cut-off unit monitors for faults (possible leaks) in the equipment's suction hose, e.g. normal O-ring wear in quick acting coupling to suction hose/pipe.
- Quick setting of filling pressure to 1 or 2 bar. This function includes a limit stop. The mechanic sets the prescribed filling pressure via a handle. The built-in pressure gauge has just a control function.
- Integrated device for extracting used brake fluid direct from the brake fluid reservoir in the vehicle.
- Collection bottle with connecting piece to storage container in workshop. Also suitable for collecting used brake fluid.
- Quick acting couplings for all operational connections. Drip-free couplings between equipment and vehicle.
- Equipment housing and trolley made from non-rusting steel.
- The equipment is maintenance-free (apart from filter exchange when required).
- Equipment tested to European safety standards and marked with CE and TÜV-GS.

Items supplied:
- Equipment complete with filling hose, 3.5 m long and suction hose, 2.5 m long
- Trolley with brake
- Standard adapter for brake fluid reservoir in vehicle
- Suction and return hoses/pipes designed to fit Pentosin standard 30 ltr. and 60 ltr. drums
- Universal bleed hose with quick acting coupling and rubber sleeve designed to fit bleed points on all vehicles.
- Operating instructions

Technical data:
Compatible brake fluid drums: 30 ltr. or 60 ltr.
Internal working pressure: 5 bar
Charge pressure (adjustable): 1 or 2 bar
Charge hose length: 3.5 m
Suction hose length: 2.5 m
Dimensions (H x WxD): 1150x450x620 mm
Weight (without drum): 24 kg
Effective volume of collection bottle: 1.5 ltr.
Working pressure - pressure gauge: 0-6 bar
Charge pressure - pressure gauge: 0-6 bar
Sight-glass pump input/output: fitted
Automatic cut-off with acoustic signal: fitted
Air pressure supply: 5-12 bar

24 months

German Pentosin factories, Wedel

CRP Industries USA

ASE 424 007 00 023


Product Specification

AUDI Auto Ship Number 187
AUDI Requirement Optional
Availability SUPERSEDED
Repair Group 03
Repair Group 47
Repair Group 30
Superseded To VAS6860US
Tool Class Workshop General Equipment (Can Be Locally Sourced)
Tool Number VAS5234
VW Auto Ship Number 192
VW Requirement Optional

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