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Gas Leak Detector
Model: VAS523003A
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Gas leak detector VAS 523 003A

The VAS 523 003A is used to detect leaks in line or tank connections in gas vehicles, as well as to check leak tightness with forming gas after repairs. The measuring range is from 1 ppm to 2.2 Vol% and the gas types that can be chosen are methane, propane and hydrogen (forming gas 95% N2 - 5% H2 ). The 400 mm flexible probe makes it easy to reach difficult places in the vehicle.

Safety first:
Protect yourself and your customers – with the gas leak detector VAS 523 003, because safety and quality should be the top priority in your workshop. Benefit from the fruits of our many years of experience and cutting-edge technology with our VAS 523 003A, with which you can check for leaks on lines or tank connections in gas vehicles, or check leak tightness with forming gas after repairs to the refrigerant circuit, for example on electric vehicles with a CO2 heat pump. 
Thanks to the fact that the VAS 523 003A is easy to use, as a user you can locate leaks and access areas in the vehicle that are difficult to reach with the 400 mm probe. Its size and handiness makes the gas leak detector suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The VAS 523 003 covers the following areas of application:
Type of gas: ignition temperature: temperature class
Hydrogen 535

The gas sensor reacts to all combustible gases
To protect against combustible gases, use the gas sensor in the sensor head, which reacts to almost all combustible gases. The device is calibrated with methane and calculates the corresponding values for propane and hydrogen during the calibration process.

Measuring range:
The VAS 523 003A gives you the option of setting your gauge to different types of gas and detecting these gas types. 

Type of gas: measuring range: comments
Hydrogen 0 ppm up to 2.5 Vol%
0 ppm up to 1.0 Vol%
0 ppm up to 2.0 Vol%
2.2 Vol% is equal to 50% LEL
50% LEL
50% LEL

With this option, set your gauge to different gases:
•If you are working on a natural gas system, you are measuring in the methane measuring range. 
•If you are working with a system supplied with propane or hydrogen, select the other relevant measuring range.

If the concentration increases, the pulse frequency of the audible signal increases until you reach a continuous tone and have therefore located the measuring range end value.

When measuring, be aware that methane and hydrogen are less dense than air, meaning they always rise. Therefore, always take measurements for these gases above the line or suspected point of leakage to be checked.

Checking propane gas lines
Unlike methane, propane is more dense than air. In this case, therefore, take measurements below the line.

Checking natural gas lines
Since methane is the main constituent in natural gas and this is less dense than air, the check is carried out above the line.

#--- ASE 523 003 01 000 ---#

Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS523003A
Availability Available
Superseded To
Tool Class Test Equip
VW US Requirement Optional
VW US Auto Ship Number
AUDI US Requirement Minimum
AUDI US Auto Ship Number AT-448
AUDI US Auto Ship Date 05/16/2022
VW Canada Requirement Minimum
VW Canada Auto Ship Number AT-441 P1
VW Canada Auto Ship Date 09/06/2021
AUDI Canada Requirement Minimum
AUDI Canada Auto Ship Number
VW MRT Quantity 1
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