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Resistance Spot Welder
Model: VAS6530A
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Fully automatic inverter transformer spot welding unit with high energy efficiency for spot welding in car body repair shops. It is recommended especially for vehicles made out of HSS or UHSS steels which will be widely used in future car models. It is the solution to the problems of car body repair shops having low mains supply. The inverter technology together with the adaptive and automatic control unit WELD TOUCH grant the performance of spot welds as per the prescriptions of car manufacturers. Sheet thicknesses, kinds of material and faults are identified: accordingly, the welder adjusts itself automatically. If it is not possible to perform a welding process, a text message about the quality safety will be displayed.

The use is extremely easy by means of a touch screen display offering the choice of manual, automatic or specific programs of the car manufacturers. It is also possible to upload new welding programs or send to a PC the results of the welding process for a further elaboration by relying on the USB interface. The automatic adjustment of the electrode force by means of a proportional valve leads to a welding process without splashes in the SMART PLUS AUTOMATIK mode.

The standard water-cooled “C”-type gun provides a high and constant electrode force, notwithstanding the different arm shapes, up to a 635 mm arm length. The flexible and light 4000 mm-long cable connecting the gun to the machine allows a wide field of operation as well as maneuverability without strong magnetic fields.

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage 208 - 240 V
  • Mains connection 3x 208 V / 60 Hz
  • Ø / Length of the mains cable 10 mm / 10 m2
  • Min. mains fuses 50 A delayed
  • Mains fuses with max. load 60 A delayed
  • Mains frequency 60 Hz
  • Nominal power at 100% ED 60 kVA
  • Nominal power at 50% ED 19 kVA
  • No load voltage 8,9 V
  • Thermal current at 100 % 1,85 V
  • Content of the water tank 5 l
  • Room temperature 40 °C
  • Protection class IP 21
  • Dimensions H/W/D 111 / 59 / 81 cm
  • Total weight without accessories 130 kg
  • C gun 8679 TS
  • Cable length 4 m
  • Weight with standard arms 17 kg
  • Max. electrode force at 8 bar 450 daN
  • Weight (without cables) 13,5 kg


  • Power group with inverter and touch screen display
  • Pneumatic “C”-type inverter gun with built-in transformer and short electrode
  • “C”-type water-cooled arm L = 85 mm with short bent electrode
  • Trolley with big rear wheels and front wheels with brake
  •  Gun holder and suspension arm with adjustable balancer
  • Cooling unit for the transformer, gun, arms and electrodes
  • Mains rubber cable L=10 m on pull-out holder on the trolley
  •  Key for caps electrodes up to DN 21
  • ASE 437 064 01 023 VAS 6530A 230V USA CND

Recommended accessories:

Set of accessories 1:

  • VAS 6530/01 ASE 437 065 00 000

Set of accessories 2:

  • VAS 6530/02 Audi A6 longherone ASE 437 066 00 000
  • VAS 6530/03 ASE 435 098 00 000

Set of accessories 1:

  • VAS 6530/01 ASE 437 065 00 000
  • Compressed air booster for the increase of the compressed air when having a supply lower than 8 bar.
  • 1 “C”-type arm L = 505 mm with short, bent, water-cooled electrode
  • 1 long, bent, water-cooled electrode
  • 1 round, water-cooled electrode with cap
  • 1 long, straight, water-cooled electrode, cylinder side
  • 1 “C”-type air-cooled arm for mudguard with round electrode

Set of accessories 2 (for Audi):

  • VAS 6530/02 Audi A 6 side-member ASE 437 066 00 000
  • Other accessories
  • Caps 16mm Caps 13mm electrodes electrode key
  • 1“C”-type medium arm L = 355 mm
  • 1long electrode-holder for bent electrode
  • 1 bent electrode
  • 1 straight, long electrode, arm side


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Tool Number VAS6530A
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AUDI Canada Requirement Optional

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