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ACC Setting Device
Model: VAS6190A
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The ACC setting device VAS 6190A is required for adjustment of the ACC sensor on Audi vehicles.
The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an extension of the conventional cruise control system (CCS). The CCS regulates the speed of the vehicle to a setting entered by the driver. The ACC system implements this convenience function in the same way, with the added feature of adapting the speed to that of the vehicle traveling directly ahead if it is moving slower. The ACC setting device VAS 6190A is required in conjunction with the wheel alignment systems approved by Volkswagen AG for adjustment of the radar sensor. With the ACC setting device VAS 6190A, the front axle is reflected by about 1200 mm in front of the vehicle, i.e. the measured value recorders of the wheel alignment system are attached to the setting device. Finally, the setting device is aligned to the geometrical driving axis. By actuation of the installed laser pointer, the laser beam is now aligned to the mirror located on the radar sensor (approximate setting device). The radar sensor can then be adjusted by way of the laser pointer, which is located in the center of the target co-ordinates on the setting device.
Caution: Adapters are needed for wheel alignment units from Corghi and John Bean. Please contact the wheel alignment equipment manufacturers or country representative directly.

Items supplied:
1 setting trolley with basic frame, comprising of: 3 adjustable feet for adjustment of setting trolley 1 pillar (support carrier for setting bar) 1 setting bar with precision guide rail 1 ACC reflector mirror with installed laser device.
1 approximate setting device 1 hexagon socket head key AF 3 1 protective cover
1 set of assembly instructions

Recommended accessories:
ADC laser unit VAS 6190/1A, ASE 423 062 01 000

Replacement parts:

Approximate setting device VAS 6190/3, ASE 423 064 00 000
Setting device VAS 6190/2, ASE 423 063 00 000

Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS6190A
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To VAS6430/1
Tool Class Special Tools
VW US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent

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