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Professional Diagnosis System Package
Model: VAS6150B/TSP
Superseded To:


 The VAS 6150B/TSP Testing System Package combines four important tools to make a complete/mobile Diagnostic Testing System Package:
1. VAS6150B Diagnostic Laptop
2. VAS 6356 Test Instrument Box
3. VAS 6556 Mobile Equipment Trolley
4. VAS5051/51D Printer (B431d)

With diagnosis system VAS 6150B
, coupled with the VAS PC diagnosis software, you are equipped with the latest hardware of the tried and tested diagnosis generation.
Thanks to modular test instrument technology, VAS 6150B can be used alongside VAS 6160 or the trusted diagnosis unit VAS 5052A for all diagnosis and technical measuring tasks.
Connection of hybrid testing module VAS 6558 or test instrument box VAS 6356 and also vehicle communication via remote diagnosis head VAS 5054A (wireless).
In addition to the diagnosis software, other systems used in the Volkswagen organization, such as ELSA, can also be installed on VAS 6150B.
Advantage: The unit can be used in a variety of ways, meaning that one laptop is required for all tasks.
VAS 6150B is "semi-rugged", which means that it is designed to be tougher than a standard laptop.
All of the main components are protected against vibration and even a drop from up to 76 cm:
The display is mounted in a hard-wearing and impact-resistant magnesium housing.
With the new HD display, text on the screen is much easier to read in sunlight, making the unit even lighter and easier to handle but, as before, sturdy and suitable for workshop use at the same time.
The hard-drive is installed in absorbent foam and is connected to the motherboard with flexible wiring. Shatter-proof rubber guards protect all interfaces and connections. The keyboard and touch pad are also protected against water splashes.

Design and features:
14.0" LCD display in 16:9 format with HD resolution (1366x768)
High end latest generation dual core processor for notebooks Intel® Core i5 2520M (2.50 GHz)
320 GB SATA vibration-protected hard-drive
SD XC card reader (reverse compatible with SD and SDHC)
Safe fall height up to 76 cm
Splash-water protected keyboard
Rechargeable battery life up to 7 hours
Items supplied
Laptop, 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 1x rugged USB, 1x VGA, 1x serial port, 1x LAN RJ-45, 1xHDMI-port, 1x DC-in
Docking station, 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 1x VGA, 1x serial port, 1x LAN RJ-45, 1xHDMI-port, 1x DC-in
Multi-range mains unit
VAS PC diagnosis software inc. utility CDs
Battery pack, lithium-ion with up to 7 hour battery time
Remote diagnosis head VAS 5054A (wireless) inc. 3m USB cable
Country-specific version:
-USA- ASE40520502023 VAS 6150B Diagnosis system, professional -USA-

24 months (unit)
12 months (rechargeable battery)

Test Instrument Box VAS 6356 is used in conjunction with diagnosis systems VAS6150B, VAS6150A or VAS5052A to perform all current test instrument tasks in the course of guided fault finding.
Test instrument box VAS 6356 is comparable with the test instrument technology from diagnosis tester VAS 5051B and also the test instrumentation included with it.

Design and features:
Future-proof test instrument technology for measuring quick signal patterns (e.g. CAN bus).
Simultaneous use of 2 rapid DSO channels and a highly accurate, high resolution multimeter (current, voltage, resistance, continuity and diodes).
8-channel data logger for simultaneous display of all input signals.
Galvanic isolation of voltage supply, multimeter and DSO channels allow "high" measurements at various sources (no earth tap required).
Prepared for hybrid drives. Instead of multimeter, for example, an optimal module can be connected for measurement of insulator resistance.
Prepared for measuring microvolts (optional) via special sensor head
High storage volume facilitates secure and targeted diagnosis by adequate recording of signals before and after fault event.
Complex trigger links across all input channels for diagnosis of complex processes.
Automatic setting of all parameters through sensor selection makes operation easy.
Specification graph curve library for specified/actual comparison.
Technical data:
USB 2.0
Housing: Sheet metal-plastic housing, drop height 90cm, protection category IP54
Housing dimensions: 290x200x70mm
Weight: approx. 2kg
Temperature range: Storage -20 to +55°C, operation 0 to +40°C
Permits: CE, UL
Items supplied:
VAS 6356/1 = Test instrument box, single
VAS 6356/2 = Multimeter lines
VAS6356/3 = Feeler head
VAS6356/4 = Current clamp 100A
VAS6356/5 = KV clamp
VAS6356/6 = Trigger clamp
VAS6356/7 = USB cable
VAS6356/8 = Table mains unit without mains cable
VAS6356/9 = Operating instructions, software CD
VAS6356/10 = Operating instructions, print version
VAS6356/14 = Storage case

Recommended accessories:
VAS6356/11 = Current clamp 1800A
VAS6356/16 = Connection cable, 12V
VAS6556 = Equipment trolley

For first time after 2 years then annually

24 months
AVL DiTEST GmbH, Fürth
US English -ASE40530000023

Equipment Trolley VAS 6556 is particularly suitable for storing test instrument box VAS 6356, diagnosis tester VAS6150B/VAS5052A and the parts associated with them, such as printer, battery charger etc.
The cable hanger is used to store the necessary connection leads safely and allows easy access to them.

Design and features:
Equipment trolley, comprising:
Metramobil floor assembly with plastic cover
Qty. 2 Cosima sections
Qty. 2 fixed roller wheels, black D125
Qty. 2 castor wheels, black D125
2 panels, each with round pipe handles
Can be locked with shutter, handle and lock strip
With cover for keyboard at 994 mm in height
Shelf for tester
Perforated panel between sections with Euro hole pattern and qty. 2 cable winding points
With stowage tray underneath
With shelf for printer
With mouse pad, removable
With remote head box
With cable hanger fitted on left Cosima section
With 4-point socket strip, with switch and 6m supply lead (1m in mobile, 5m outside)
Back panel can be removed to facilitate installation

Technical data:
Roller wheels and handles in black
Sections in RAL 7040 matt
Side panels, stowage tray, shelves, back panel black grey RAL 7021 matt
Shutter silver
Height 1190 mm, without cable hanger
Width 695 mm
Depth 855 mm

Country-specific version:
USA - ASE46584200023

Warranty - 24 months
Manufacturer - Knürr

The OKI printer B431d
is one of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective LED mono-printers on the market.
It is particularly distinguished by rapid printing (according to the print resolution), high printing speed, cheap printing costs per page and long service life.

Technical data:
Printing speed: 38 pages/minute
Time to first print (TTFP): less than 4.5 seconds
Warm-up time: approx. 20 seconds from energy saving mode
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Power supply: 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 or 60 Hz +/- 2%

Items supplied:
Printer with 3m USB connecting lead and toner cartridge for 3,000 pages

Replacement parts:
Imaging drum unit
VAS 5051/52C ASE 405 076 05 000

Toner (10,000 pages)
VAS 5051/53C ASE 333 007 00 000

Country-specific version:
-USA- ASE40507506023 VAS 6160 Printer (B431d) -USA-

36 months after online registration, providing registration occurs within 30 days of receipt

Manufacturer-OKI Systems

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Tool Number VAS6150B/TSP
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Superseded To VAS6160-VPC/TSP
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