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Vehicle Diagnosis System
Model: VAS5051B
Superseded To:


Since introduction of the VAS 5051 in the workshops, the time required for fault finding on vehicles has been considerably reduced.
Due to complex vehicle technology, however, the demands on the diagnosis tester have risen consistently.
The new VAS 5051B is of the latest state in technology and, with its interfaces, it fulfills all modern standards.
VAS 5051B is available as a complete unit (with Knürr-type trolley, test leads, printer etc.) and also individually to retrofit VAS 5051A units already in service.

Design and features:

PC-based unit with integrated diagnosis and test instrument equipment for operating modes: Self-diagnosis, test instrument, guided fault finding, guided functions and OBD. The unit is also compatible with ElsaWin (not included in items supplied).
Operation with 110V/220V alternating current, vehicle power supply via diagnosis lead or rechargeable battery (installed), TFT color LCD touchscreen for control of all functions at a single touch.
The DSO (digital storage oscilloscope) function allows display of the voltage pattern across 2 channels.
Guided fault finding helps even the inexperienced user to reach a fast result following entry of customer complaints, for example, by means of individual search programs.
Actuation of laser printer per infrared interface or USB interface.
Regular updates per CD-ROM/DVD.

Technical data:

CPU Pentium ® 4
Windows 2000 operating system
15" TFT color display, 1024 x 768 pixel, pressure sensitive
80 GB hard-drive
DVD/CD drive
    PC card (PCMCIA)
    Bluetooth interface

Items supplied:

5m diagnosis lead
VAS 5051B/1, ASE 405 270 00 000

Test adapter for diagnosis leads
VAS 5051B/4, ASE 405 273 00 000

Multimeter leads (URDI)
VAS 5051B/5, ASE 405 274 00 000

2 DSO feeler heads
VAS 5051B/6, ASE 405 275 00 000

100A trigger clamp
VAS 5051B/7, ASE 405 276 00 000

VAS 5051B/9, ASE 405 278 01 000

Tester, single
VAS 5051B/13 with basic CD (installed), ASE 405 282 00 000

Rechargeable battery pack
VAS 5051B/14, ASE 405 283 00 000

Quick reference instructions
VAS 5051B/15, ASE 405 284 00 000

Table mains unit
VAS 5051B/18, ASE 405 287 00 000

Dust cover
VAS 5051B/19, ASE 405 288 01 000

Cable hanger
VAS 5051B/21, ASE 405 290 01 000

Keyboard -USA-
VAS 5051B/23, ASE 405 292 00 023

VAS 5051/51C, ASE 405 075 05 000

VAS 5051B/24, ASE 405 293 00 000

Adapters for older vehicles
VAS 5051/2, ASE 405 056 00 000

KV clamp
VAS 5051/17, ASE 405 063 00 000

Trigger clamp
VAS 5051/18, ASE 405 064 00 000

3 touchscreen pens
VAS 5052/11, ASE 405 175 00 000

Replacement parts:

See items supplied and also:
Test probe ends
VAS 5051B/17, ASE 405 286 00 000

Recommended accessories:

1800A trigger clamp
VAS 5051B/8, ASE 405 277 00 000

3m diagnosis lead
VAS 5051B/2, ASE 405 271 00 000

Vehicle Diagnosis System - Diagnosis Lead for LT2
VAS 5051B/3, ASE 405 272 00 000

Country-specific version:

US ENGLISH  - ASE40515101823



24 months


Siemens AG, Braunschweig

Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS5051B
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To VAS6150B/TSP
VW US Requirement Equivalent
VW US Auto Ship Number
AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Auto Ship Number 242
AUDI US Auto Ship Date 08/03/2005
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent

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