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Table of Content Engine Engine Cooling System

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Cooling System Tester
Model: VAG1274A
Superseded To:


The tester works at a pressure of 1.0 bar for quick and efficient checking of leaks. It
is also used to check the correct function of the pressure relief valve. Suitable for all
water-cooled vehicles in the VW group. Design and features Robust hand pump with
built-in check valve and pressure gauge Pressure gauge with scale from 0 to 1.6 bar
Graduation: 0.05 bar Connection face with over-centre clips Adapter for checking
radiator caps with bayonet-type and screw-type connections Items supplied Tester
including adapter for screw-type and bayonet-type cap connections. Recommended
accessories Adapter V.A.G 1274/2, ASE 401 126 00 000; Adapter V.A.G
1274/3A+4A, ASE 404 501 00 000 Adapter V.A.G 1274/5+6, ASE 401 102 00 000
Adapter V.A.G 1274/7, ASE 401 135 00 000 Adapter V.A.G 1274/8, ASE 401 533
00 000 Adapter V.A.G 1274/9, ASE 401 534 00 000 Pipe V.A.G 1274/10, ASE 401
099 00 000 Adapter V.A.G 1274/11, ASE 401 098 00 000

Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAG1274A
Superseded To VAG1274B
Tool Class Special Tools
VW US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent

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