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Maverick™ Tire Changer - Black

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Maverick™ Premium Tire Changer Black


  • Groundbreaking Responsive Controls
    • Fine control or fast on-demand
    • Hydraulic precision easier than air controls
    • Ergonomic for all day use
    • Excellent tactile feedback – one-finger control for all functions

  • Articulating Leverless System
    • All tools automatically sync to rim diameter
    • Rim diameter retained for maximum efficiency of wheel sets

  • Intelligent Safety and Productivity
    • Monitors roller and hook positions
    • Prevents unintended wheel contact
    • Logic automatically “homes” rollers, head, and wheel lift for hands-free productivity
    • Smart software: customize travel and rotate speeds, ramp rate, and more

  • InflationStation™
    • Boosts productivity
    • Inflates at the press of a button
    • Allows operator to walk away while filling
    • 33% faster than standard inflation systems

  • Variable Speed Rotation
    • 0-17 RPM for fast cycle times
    • Fully variable reverse rotation for maximum control

  • SmartSet™ Leverless Head
    • Demounting hook deploys to catch and lift bead
    • Mount head works with clad, raised spoke, and other unique wheel designs
    • No risk of lever damage
    • SmartSet™ indicator notch shows proper set height

Technician-Focused Features

  • Control console is built around the technician
    • Intuitive layout allows full focus on the tire
    • Padded wrist rest prevents fatigue
    • Ample, accessible storage for tools, kits, and accessories

  • Hydraulic operation
    • Self-contained hydraulics provide reliability
    • Each tool can be moved quickly, slowly, or held as needed
    • No erratic movement when loaded and unloaded
    • Compressed air contamination not a factor

  • RollerLock™ Clamp
    • Ball bearing threads clamp quickly and tightly
    • Lever handles multiply clamping force
    • Smooth shaft reduces center bore damage risk

  • Double-duty Bead Press
    • Plenty of power for tough application
    • Bead ledge allows pusher to be used as a lifting device also

  • HunterNet® 2 Connectivity Kit


Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

Product Specification

Air Supply Requirements 125 ± 25 psi (8.6 ± 1.7 bar)
Power Requirements 208-230V, 1 phase, 60Hz, 14A, NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Mount / Demount Tool Polymer head w/ Leverless
Bead Loosening Type Upper / Lower Roller
Clamping Type Center w/ RollerLock
Match Mounting Capable Yes
Maximum Tire Diameter 50”
Rim Diameter Range 10” – 34”
Maximum Wheel Width 19”
Weight 1065 lbs.
Dimensions 57" L x 53" W x 77" H
Drive Variable up to 17 rpm CW / CCW, Torque 700 ft-lbs.

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