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Pallet Starter Kit
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NOTE: Please check with your local, state, and federal regulations regarding your requirements for proper waste disposal.


P.O.L Sorb® is a special grade of sphagnum peat moss that can draw the hydrocarbons from the soil.  It inhibits compaction of the soil, allowing the hydrocarbon to breakdown naturally while preventing it from spreading.  The elements needed to breakdown hydrocarbons are more stable and safe when using P.O.L Sorb®.  Additionally, this technology not only draws the hydrocarbons from the soil, it can actually reverse the plume of traveling hydrocarbons.

P.O.L Sorb® is cost effective, easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe for plants and animals.  When land is prepared with our special blend of P.O.L Sorb® and water we accelerate the natural process that re-mediates contaminated soil, similar to natural attenuation.


  • Loose Fill
    • Environmentally friendly alternative to clay; up to 14 times more absorbent
    • Eliminated secondary contamination, does not release liquids absorbed
    • Cost effective solution to oil spills, works at a ratio of one pound per gallon
    • Absorbs oil even on water - floats for long periods of time for easier removal
    • Works in all kinds of weather and on any terrain
  • Pillows
    • Contains P.O.L Sorb® high grade peat moss
    • Special skins that are durable, tough, and absorbent
    • Have three compartments for even distribution and heat sealed to eliminate leakage
    • For use under leaky vehicles for machinery - are not affected by weather or terrain
  • Socks and Booms
    • Contains P.O.L Sorb® high grade peat moss
    • Maximum strength and long term durability - much stronger than other products
    • Not only contain spills, but clean up as well
    • Booms designed for use on water with extra strength clamps


  • Meets EPA & OSHA & ANSI standards
  • Excellent for spill response and bio-remediation
  • Will not leach: passes TCLP test
  • Offers high BTU value for incineration
  • Safely cleans oil from any surface
  • Leaves no oily sheen or residue
  • Reduces waste
  • Requires an average of one pound per gallon


  • 30 Gallon Garage Kit, ARK21233
  • Five Gallon Spill Kit - 6/pk, ARK11005 
  • Peat Moss Pillows - 30/pk, ARK21400 
  • 4"x4" Peat Moss Socks - 20/pk, ARK21460
  • 30 Gallon Spill Response Kit, ARK11025
  • Peat Moss Loose Fill - 4/pk, ARK21220 
  • Anti Freeze Absorbent - 6/pk, ARKEFAB


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