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Spiral® FV (Full View) Door Ultra High Speed / Security
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Take one look at this door in action and it makes an immediate impression.

With an ultra-high opening speed of up to 100 inches per seconds, its extremely fast. Yet for all that speed, its unique Spiral technology keeps it whisper-quiet. And its top-to-bottom full-width window slats provide a full view for natural light and an extra measure of safety at the threshold. Not to mention, a sharp, high-tech look. All of which promote an enviable image of cutting-edge operations. Optional equipment, activators and accessories are available.

With a remarkably fast payback, Rytec high-speed doors are one of the fastest growing trends in automotive dealerships. In a facility with conventional doors, the installation of automatic high-speed doors can save literally thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs. The industrial-strength technology also offers near continuous uptime without the costly repairs associated with old fashioned doors. Beyond reducing operational costs, the high speed improves productivity and increases the flow of business moving through your dealership. The sleek appearance and state-of-the-art technology will immediately capture the attention of customers.



  • Fully-automated high-speed doors.
  • Typically operate 7 times faster than conventional doors.
  • Built to last for literally millions of opening and closing cycles—operating day in, day out, cycle after cycle.
  • Require significantly less maintenance than conventional doors.


  • Reduce Maintenance Costs - Unlike typical repair-prone overhead doors, Rytec doors are specifically engineered to open and close thousands of times a day, day after day, year after year. The industrial-strength technology offers near continuous uptime and requires only minimal preventive maintenance.
  • Improve the Flow of Traffic - Automated high-speed door systems improve the speed and flow of vehicles moving through your facility. Instead of waiting 1 minute or more for conventional doors to open, most Rytec doors open in less than 2 seconds.
  • Increase Wind Load Protection - In addition to ensuring compliance with building codes, hurricane-rated doors protect interiors from damaging high winds, storms and flying debris.
  • Improve Security - Security is a fundamental issue for all dealerships. Since the Rytec doors close quickly after a vehicle passes through, unauthorized access is essentially eliminated.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs - Whether it’s the service department or the parts department, less outside air infiltration translates directly into lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Increase Natural Light - Illuminate service bays and express bays with natural light at a fraction of the cost of the most efficient electric lights.

Two year warranty on materials and workmanship.

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